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Want to sharpen your learning skills? Play action video games

How does playing video games help improving learning skills.?

Earlier studies have shown that people who play action video gamers tend to stand out many tasks. but this study explains that individuals stand out in tasks as a result of they become higher learners by taking part in the fast action games. once you play a fast computer game, your brain keeps predicting what's going to come back next-, even whereas you’re being attentive to a language, driving, or performing art surgery. so as to sharpen its prediction skills, your brains perpetually build completely different models, or templates of the planet (of the video game), same Daphne Bavelier, an enquiry academician in brain and psychological feature sciences at the University of Rochester.

Is the result long-lasting.? 

For the study, the team 1st used a pattern discrimination task to match action computer game players’ visual performance therewith of people UN agency didn't play action video games.

The researchers disclosed that individuals UN agency play action gamers had improved performance. the foremost shocking a part of the study is that the proven fact that once these gamers were tested months to a year later, they still outperformed alternative participants. this implies that your brain has the flexibility to retain the models it builds and use it effectively in the future.


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