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At G20 summit, US and Europe blast Russia over Ukraine

At G20 summit, US and Europe blast Russia over Ukraine :

At G20 summit, US and Europe blast Russia over Ukraine 

US President Barack Obama same on Saturday that Russia's aggression against country was "appalling" and a threat to the planet, whereas European nations vulnerable additional sanctions against national capital if it didn't finish the flow of weapons and troops.

 Speaking on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Brisbane, Obama placed security and global climate change at the centre stage of the leaders meeting, overshadowing talks on international economic process. Obama same the us was at the forefront of "opposing Russia's aggression against country, that could be a threat to the planet, as we tend to saw within the appalling execution of MH17". European Council President Woodrow Charles Herman Van Rompuy, conjointly at the G20 summit, same national capital should stop provision weapons and troops to country, pressure rebels to just accept a ceasefire, or face further sanctions.

 Europe's foreign ministers can meet on Mon to assess true in country and whether or not additional steps as well as further sanctions were required against Russia, he said. "Russia should stop the flow of weapons and troops from its territory into country and Russia should withdraw those already gift," Van Rompuy told a press conference. Russian President Vladimir Putin is attending the meeting and he nearly sure to come back underneath intense diplomatic pressure to alter tag on country. "I need to ingeminate that the ecu Union continues to believe that there will solely be a political resolution to the crisis. we'll still use all diplomatic tools, as well as sanctions, at our disposal," same Van Rompuy. country's pro-Western leaders and NATO have defendant Russia of causation troopers and weapons into jap regions of Ukraine to assist pro-Russian rebels launch a attainable new offensive during a war that has killed over four,000 individuals since Apr. Russia denied it had been concerned during a recent increase of military activity in country and supported the implementation of the ceasefire united in capital of Belarus in Sep. "We don't seem to be concerned," Kremlin policy aide Yuri Ushakov told reporters at the G20 meeting.

 SECURITY, CLIMATE, NOT ECONOMY G20 host Australia had hoped that the two-day summit would target international economic process, not security or the setting. however the comments from Obama and Van Rompuy counsel that security are going to be the dominant theme. Obama conjointly same the us would renew commitment to its strategic pivot to the Asia-Pacific in comments seen as a veiled warning to China. Obama insisted that Asia’s security order should not be supported "coercion or intimidation ... wherever huge nations bully the tiny, however on alliances for mutual security". He didn't expressly purpose the finger at China, however there was very little doubt that he was alluding to Beijing’s maritime disputes and growing concern regarding its military build-up.

Despite Australia's reluctance to permit global climate change on the summit agenda when it abolished a tax on carbon emissions, Obama spent an oversized a part of his speech urging action on the setting. He pledged a $3 billion U.S. contribution to a world fund to assist poor countries address the results of global climate change. Earlier in the week, Obama proclaimed a climate manage China. The us can try to chop total greenhouse emissions by 26-28 % from 2005 levels by 2025, whereas China can aim for a peak in gas emissions by 2030. highlight Australia's exposure to global climate change, Obama same longer droughts and additional wildfires were possible.

"The unimaginable natural glory of the good coral reef is vulnerable. Worldwide this past summer was the most popular on record. No nation is immune and each nation contains a responsibility to try and do its half," he said. however Australia stuck to its economic script. an inspiration to extend international economic process by an extra a pair of proportion points over subsequent 5 years was on the right track, Australian money dealer Joe Hockey same. "This ambition interprets into regarding $2 trillion in further international economic activity and ample new jobs," he said.


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