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Lenovo Vibe X2 sold out on Flipkart within 2 days of launch

Lenovo Vibe X2 sold out on Flipkart within 2 days of launch :

Lenovo has proclaimed that its recently launched ambience X2 good phone has been sold  out on e-commerce website Flipkart.
The ambience X2, that claims to be the primary stratified  phone within the world sporting high finish specs at a mid-range value, was launched completely in Republic of India completely on Flipkart on November ten.

How is that the ambience X2 different?
“The ambience X2 has seen an incredible response on Flipkart. This showcases not solely our capabilities as AN e-commerce partner however additionally the flexibility to draw in a foremost whole to sell a flagship product completely on Flipkart,” aforementioned archangel Adnani, vp – Retail & Head – Strategic whole Alliances, Flipkart.

“The reasonably response ambience X2 has been getting into Republic of India is overwhelming.  The X2 stratified  style may be a distinctive proposition from Lenovo we have a tendency to|and that we} square measure happy that customers square measure appreciating the innovations that we square measure conveyance to the Indian Smartphone market” aforementioned, Sudhin Mathur, Director-Smartphones, Lenovo Republic of India.

Priced at Rs nineteen,999, Lenovo ambience X2’s 1st cargo was up for grabs on Flipkart in conjunction with ninety fifth discounts on Lenovo’s innovative add-on battery layer for the ambience X2, thirty fifth off on looking on Myntra via the Myntra automaton App and free pre-selected Flipkart eBooks price Rs 1200.

- See a lot of at: http://indianexpress.com/article/technology/mobile-tabs/two-days-after-launch-lenovo-vibe-x2-sold-out-on-flipkart/#sthash.89awjWBu.dpuf


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