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Young Afghans go online for love and friendship

Young Afghans go online for love and friendship:

Frustrated by strict social rules, young and educated Afghans square measure quickly learning that taboos are often sidestepped at the faucet of a mobile.

In deeply conservative, Muslim Afghanistan, social media is gap a brand new route for men and girls to speak in camera. Some even realize love in an exceedingly country wherever most marriages square measure organized and strict rules build it robust – and dangerous – for men and girls to move even within the most liberal circles.

A recent explosion in web use has opened a brand new frontier, and lots of square measure mistreatment tools like instant electronic communication to approach one another and came upon dates.

“For a begin, social media square measure accustomed communicate, and to rearrange wedding. each boys and ladies explore for wedding,” aforesaid a college member in data technology at a Kabul university, United Nations agency has experimented with on-line chemical analysis.

Like alternative Afghans interviewed for this report, he asked for his name to be withheld. Social media websites like Facebook provide a rare chance for couples to find out concerning one another before wedding, he said.

“People opt to use Facebook or Gmail to speak as a result of society doesn't build it simple to speak directly.”

Half 1,000,000 Afghans use Facebook, in keeping with the National data Communication Technology Alliance of Afghanistan (NICTAA), and therefore the variety is increasing due to the unfold of 3G networks that arrived in 2012.

“Social media will offer them with a platform for sharing their views and selecting someone they suppose is that the person they will pay their life with,” aforesaid Omar Mansoor Ansari, United Nations agency heads NICTAA.

“That’s another, as you'll decision it, profit that social media is providing individuals.”


But there square measure issues. on-line electronic communication exposes young girls to abuse by potent officers. Some officers say they're approached on social media for employment or maybe romance. One government official aforesaid girls frequently approached him on-line, most for work however typically yearning for romance.

“Mostly females square measure yearning for employment,” he said. “Some of them attempt to get near American state and send American state love messages however I ignore them as a result of i'm knowledgeable.”

As with anyplace, girls say they need to be wakeful on-line. however in Afghanistan, even postings that might be thought-about normal elsewhere will result in issues.

An 18-year-old pupil aforesaid she was harried once she uploaded her photograph on Facebook. even supposing her liberal family supported the choice, she complete up deleting it once a barrage of comments.

“In our culture, if I place my footage on my profile, it's thought-about not smart,” she said. “I got lots of unhealthy comments and friend requests from men.”

Some girls say they're ready to challenge convention and modify harassment, however realize that on-line interaction doesn't essentially break down barriers within the world. A 22-year-old college boy getting to become a functionary aforesaid she spoke to several male classmates on-line however they clothed  to be back and withdrawn once she encountered them later.


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