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Microsoft 3D SoundScape headset aims to help the blind travel freely

Microsoft 3D SoundScape headset aims to help the blind travel freely:

Microsoft has joined hands with Guide Dogs charity and also the UK’s Future Cities Catapult to develop a revolutionary gizmo, which can facilitate the visually impaired navigate through jam-pawncked subways, trains and roads with very little or no facilitate from passers-by.

According to the Microsoft web site, the telephone receiver can work with Windows phones to convey the user voice directions to assist them navigate associate degree unfamiliar with space. The device is alleged to produce orientation, navigation and discourse data through the inbuilt GPS huntsman, compass and rotating mechanism. There ar sounds that regulate movements, to point whether or not the user is travel within the right direction. Microsoft’s 3D SoundScape technology creates associate degree illusion that the sounds ar returning from a particular direction. because the device makes use of Bing search, users will raise directions to a eating house or a stop to assist provides a higher plan of the place they're in.

Instead of earpieces, it makes use of bone-conducting headsets that transmit sound through vibration to the receptor – bypassing the tympanum. This helps the user hear alternative sounds with the exception of those returning from the 3D telephone receiver.

It additionally depends on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth beacons that require to be placed strategically in intervals throughout the user’s routes. The beacons relay messages to convey period data like however long it'll view as consequent train or bus to arrive. It additionally helps with GPS navigation and orientation data, tidbits concerning landmarks and alternative places of interest.

Alternatively, users will transfer their routes through Bing Maps in order that the telephone receiver can give them guided  voice directions.

Microsoft states that the technology is “an audio-rich expertise within which the telephone receiver, smartphone and indoor and out of doors beacons all work along to reinforce the quality, confidence and independence of individuals with vision loss.”

The 3D SoundScape telephone receiver is presently within the model stage therefore it’s not on the market commercially. Once it will, we have a tendency to could expect it work with mobile devices aside from those running Windows Phone.


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