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Obama 'secretly' expands US combat operation in Afghanistan

Obama 'secretly' expands US combat operation in Afghanistan

President Barack Obama has signed a secret order permitting the Pentagon to focus on religious movement fighters in Asian country, broadening previous plans that had restricted the military to strategy missions against Qaeda, it had been unconcealed Fri. 

The president's call, created throughout a White House meeting with national security advisers, additionally offers the military the inexperienced lightweight to conduct air support for Afghan operations once required. 

Obama issued the rules in recent weeks, because the yank mission in Asian country attracts to a detailed, thousands of troops come home, and also the military prepares for narrower strategy and coaching mission for successive 2 years.

In May, the president explicit  that America forces would don't have any combat role in Asian country next year. Missions for the remaining nine,800 troops would be restricted to coaching Afghan troops and to looking the 'remnants of al Qaeda.'  

One {us|United States|United States of America|America|US|U.S.|USA|U.S.A.|North yank country|North American nation} official same the military may solely chase the religious movement if it exhibit a threat to American forces or provided mission to Qaeda, whereas the latter may be targeted a lot of indiscriminately.

'To the extent that religious movement members directly threaten the us and coalition forces in Asian country or offer mission to Qaeda, however, we are going to take acceptable measures to stay Americans safe,' the official same.

The Taliban's presence in Asian country way exceeds that of Qaeda, adding significance to Obama's authorization. 

The president's call came in response to requests from military commanders UN agency needed troops to be allowed to still battle the religious movement, the America officers same.

The the big apple Times initial reportable the new tips. officers confirmed details to The Associated persist the condition of obscurity as a result of they weren't licensed to debate Obama's choices by name.

Some civilian aides have argued against risking yank lives next year in operations against the religious movement, oral communication there ought to solely be a slim mission against al Qaeda, the days reportable.

But generals urged Obama to outline the mission a lot of loosely if intelligence showed extremists threatening yank forces.

The decision to expand the military's authority doesn't impact the variety folks troops that may stay in Asian country when this year. 

Months earlier, Obama ordered the yank force presence to be move nine,800 by the tip of this year, a figure expected to be cut in 0.5 by the tip of 2015.

The president needs all America troops out of Asian country by 2016, as his presidency attracts to a detailed.

Some of the Obama administration's designing for the post-2014 mission was slowed by a political stalemate in Asian country earlier this year. 

It took months for the winner of the country's presidential election to be certified, delaying the linguistic communication of a bilateral security agreement that was necessary so as to stay U.S. forces within the country when Dec.


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