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Big ‘Russian’ Brother is watching you: Website posts thousands of hacked live footage

Big ‘Russian’ Brother is watching you: Website posts thousands of hacked live footage:

Like a character return to life, a Russian website has turned one in every of the world’s worst nightmares into a reality. Hackers currently appear to possess found the way to pry into our non-public lives by taking hacking into wireless camera accounts around the world.

As reportable by BBC, information watchdogs have detected that some hackers have collected recorded videos from systems that use default passwords or no passwords in any respect. The hacked videos are denote on a Russian website, that BBC has chosen to not name.

BBC reports that the website has streams from quite 250 countries and alternative territories. It any states that it's listings for four,591 cameras within the North American nation, 2,059 in France and one,576 within the Kingdom of The Netherlands. Some footage has conjointly been known to come back from developing countries like Republic of Nicaragua, Pakistan, Kenya, South American nation and African country.

Some of the leaked videos embody a baby in its bedchamber, associate old girl sitting in a very front room and a few workplace and gymnasium videos. As wireless cameras allow you to watch videos on-line, it makes it straightforward for snoopers to look at them too if the passwords square measure straightforward to guess. therefore if you own a digital camera, baby monitor or security camera, you'll save yourself from being perpetually watched by simply dynamical the countersign of the devices.

The website lists videos alongside the whole of the camera and also the country it’s from. in keeping with BBC, China-based Foscam was the foremost ordinarily listed whole, followed by Linksys and Panasonic.

UK data Commissioner Christopher Graham warned that “there square measure folks out there United Nations agency square measure snooping”. He told BBC Breakfast: “It’s got quite five hundred GB webcams wherever there's a facility for remote access to ascertain what’s happening within the search, what’s happening reception, how’s the baby.”


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