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Sweden The Latest To Consider Google “Link Tax” For Newspapers

Sweden The Latest To Consider Google “Link Tax” For Newspapers:

A member of the Swedish parliament, Niclas Malmberg, needs Google to assist fund Swedish news publications on the lines of the French model established last year. vulnerable with a “link tax,” Google united “to produce a €60 million Digital business Innovation Fund to assist support transformative digital business initiatives for French readers.”

Google additionally united to “help increase [French newspapers'] on-line revenues mistreatment [the company's] advertising technology.”

Like different countries in Europe, Kingdom of Sweden is afraid by the decline of its newspaper business and places the blame on Google. Malmberg needs Google to share its ad revenues with publishers.

I used each Bing and Google translate to capture the essence of the Swedish proposals. Neither service is entirely correct then nuances area unit lost. but the essential core of the knowledge is there.

Malmberg seems to purpose to Swedish company Spotify as another potential model for the newspaper business. Spotify provides royalties and pays musicians supported user subscriptions. The analogy isn’t actual as a result of Google News is entirely ad supported. but the Swedish politician sees some form of allocation or sharing of Google ad revenues with Swedish newspapers supported their traffic or market share.

Like different countries in Europe, Swedish publishers believe Google is below the belt creating cash off their content and harming the business. consequently, some form of “link tax” like legislation can seemingly emerge — to be used as leverage in an exceedingly negotiation with Google, as within the French case.

Similar restrictive copyright legislation has been planned or passed in many countries in Europe, as well as France, Deutschland and Spain. i think we’ll see similar legislation duplicated across Europe or emerge at the EU-wide level.

We can endlessly discussion whether or not Google is being below the belt scapegoated for changes in user behavior or whether or not the corporate is contributive to the decline of newspapers in a way. several European leaders area unit convinced of the latter.


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