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Facebook Messenger hits 500 million users, targets the big billion next

Facebook Messenger hits 500 million users, targets the big billion next:

Facebook’s traveller app had some huge news in the week. The app, despite all the recent criticism over privacy, has managed to cross five hundred million users, a giant range particularly after you take into account that Facebook already has one billion users. Facebook’s traveller is currently formally within the same league as WhatsApp (recently bought by Facebook), Line and WeChat.

In a recent capitalist decision, Zuckerberg noticed, “One huge priority for USA here is electronic communication, and continued to make and grow traveller and currently WhatsApp similarly, as nice services… SMS and WhatsApp square measure a lot of for time period activity. individuals have contacts on WhatsApp World Health Organization they wouldn’t wish to form friends on Facebook. The graphs square measure somewhat totally different.”

In fact one among the largest changes to traveller this year wasn’t simply the complete app, however conjointly a brand new head: former PayPal chief executive officer David Marcus. In AN exclusive interview to Wired Magazine’s Jessi Hempel, Marcus spells out consequent set up of action for Facebook Messenger: One billion users.

He conjointly mentioned however the set up is to form ‘Messenger into one thing way more than a traveller,’ with Voice-over-IP calls, on-line payments, etc. Recently, a series of leaks had showcased however users can shortly be ready to settle for facilitate within the type of money from a follower or a relative with Facebook traveller.

The screenshots, that were leaked by Stanford engineering science student Apostle Aude, discovered that the system is already in situ on the company’s iOS app. in line with the screenshots announce by Aude, the app would force you to register a debit or mastercard with Facebook before transferring cash to your contacts.

As the Wired piece notes, VOIP calls isn’t precisely new territory for Marcus World Health Organization started at age twenty three started a “Swiss telecommunication operator known as GTN telecommunication, that provided native and long distance line of work similarly as web access.” apparently Marcus’ next huge venture was Zong, that offered mobile payments via “direct request to your mobile.” PayPal then bought this company over and Marcus joined as a vice-President in 2011.

So why did Marcus leave PayPal? He told Wired, “It wasn’t an explicit factor to try to to. You were fixing things instead of building things.” Marcus conjointly defended the choice to force individuals to transfer traveller, speech “Adults don’t transfer apps anymore…so if we tend to didn’t try this, there’s no approach individuals would provides it a attempt.”

Marcus and his team square measure exploring varied new options with the merchandise. One such he showed to Hempel throughout the interview was the power to understand once a Message has been received, and read. WhatsApp recently introduce 2 blue ticks to verify that a Message had been browse.  Another concept may shortly happen was obtaining direct messages to users from businesses, though not everybody would possibly find yourself being an acquaintance of this feature ought to or not it's introduced.

Where traveller is bothered, it's return a protracted, great distance from however it began. at the start in 2011 and 2010, once the smartphone revolution was simply taking app, chat was one among the worst things concerning Facebook (desktop) and therefore the traveller app was even worse. With the newest app things, plenty has modified for the higher.

Not solely has Facebook managed to urge users to transfer the app (you can’t access chat in any respect from the Facebook app such as you may within the past, a move that has furious users) however introduced options like sharing photos, stickers, video, audio, etc to form the app rather more competitive. And fortunately it doesn’t keep flaming any longer.

But given however Facebook has been evolving (they went from a terrible mobile strategy to line of work themselves a mobile company), it’s clear that Zuckerberg has huge plans with traveller. currently with Marcus connexion the team, it shouldn’t be shocking to ascertain traveller get plenty a lot of new options.


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