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Obama to Be 'Chief Guest' at India's Republic Day in January 26

Obama to Be 'Chief Guest' at India's Republic Day in January 26:

The White House says President Barack Obama are going to be the Chief Guest at India's Republican Day celebration in Indian capital in Jan.

This will be the primary time in history a sitting U.S. president can attend the celebration.

Obama additionally can meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, World Health Organization in his invite to the president delineate him as a "friend."

The White House says the talks can strengthen and expand U.S.- Indian relations.

Republic Day

Republic Day marks the adoption of the Indian constitution in 1950, finishing the transition to democracy that started once Bharat won independence from UK in 1947.

Earlier this month, the us Associate in Nursingd Bharat proclaimed an agreement to resolve a dispute concerning food subsidies that has delayed the agreement of a world trade accord.

World Trade Organization delegates approved the trade deal last Gregorian calendar month, seeking to contour customs rules and cut the price of shipping merchandise round the world.

Trade pact

The accord required approval of all 159 World Trade Organization members, however Bharat declined to formalize it as a result of issues a couple of clause that restricts the scale of food subsidies governments might give.

The White House issued an announcement on November thirteen, 2014, oral communication the U.S. and Bharat united on a provision that concerns World Trade Organization members to not challenge the grant programs till they agree on a "permanent solution" to the matter.

The White House aforesaid the U.S. and Bharat can gift the proposal to the World Trade Organization "in the close to future."

An Indian law passed last year concerns the govt to produce wheat and rice at low costs to 850 million individuals.  

Developing nations say that sort of grant is important to make sure their individuals have adequate food, however the World Trade Organization worries the programs might distort world markets.


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