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Facebook: You post it, we can see it, and that's that

Facebook: You post it, we can see it, and that's that:

Facebook lets its users management whether or not others will see the knowledge they post, however once it involves dominant what Facebook itself gets to ascertain, privacy-conscious users square measure out of luck.

In fact, Facebook does not suppose it might add up to let users do this.

“With most on-line services, there’s AN understanding that once you use those services to share info, you’re additionally sharing info with the corporate providing the service,” aforementioned Matt Scutari, manager of privacy and public policy at Facebook.

“For users UN agency square measure really involved with sharing their info with a selected platform, honestly, you may not wish to share info therewith platform,” he said, speaking throughout a conference on digital privacy in Palo Alto, California, on Friday.

“I don’t suppose there square measure several services out there UN agency might claim they’re not mistreatment your info that you’re sharing with them for any purpose. they need to a minimum of use that info to supply the service,” he added.

Scutari was responding to a matter from the audience regarding what tools, if any, Facebook would possibly offer to those that wish to post and share info however keep it from Facebook itself.

Lately, the corporate has been attempting to boost its controls for sharing among friends. In Sep it introduced a “privacy checkup” feature. And simply on it discharged a revamped privacy policy designed to be easier to use. the corporate additionally provides users info regarding however their information is employed for advertising. however it's ne'er offered users tools to limit what information Facebook will ingest once they share.

Data collection—what corporations collect, and the way it’s used—is a locality of concern for web users normally, highlighted by some dramatic findings in a very recent bench survey.

Facebook will have a team of staff tasked with observing privacy problems associated with its product, options and tools. The team encompasses a range of programs in situ, together with daily surveys of users and talks with folks in different countries to induce their views on privacy, Facebook aforementioned on Fri.


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