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Pak fishing boat blows up near Gujarat coast after being chased by Coast Guard Ship

Pak fishing boat blows up near Gujarat coast after being chased by Coast Guard Ship:

All four crew of the fish trawler that was intercepted by the Indian Coast Guard and exploded two hundred maritime miles (371 km) off Porbandar area unit suspected to own died within the tense 16-hour-long drama within the sea early Thursday. Neither the boat nor its crew may well be recovered attributable to rough weather.

“It (the boat) was on a mission. the implications would are fateful had the boat slipped past our defences,” a high navy official told HT.

Defence minister Manohar Parrikar heaped-up praises on the coast guard and people concerned within the operation. "I congratulate coast guards for timely action of intercepting a ship carrying suspected terror teams with surgical preciseness," he tweeted.

A defence ministry official aforementioned the trawler stopped solely when the coast guard discharged shots, however the crew had by then set it flaming, triggering a significant explosion that sank the vessel.

The Indian Coast Guard dominated out the explosion being Associate in Nursing accident, speech the boys on the boat sped away as a result of they were activity "something very serious".

"If they weren't doing something wrong, then that they had no reason to run, to line the boat flaming. Why would anyone set (themselves) on fire?" aforementioned KR Nautiyal, deputy officer of the coast guard.

A high government supply told HT it all began around 9am on New Year's Eve, when the National Technical analysis Organisation (NTRO) issued Associate in Nursing intelligence alert that a suspicious Pakistani fishing smack from Keti Bunder close to metropolis was headed towards Bharat.

The conversations between the crew and their handlers in West Pakistan were intercepted and intelligence authorities suspected that a terror strike was being planned.

With the NTRO providing the precise coordinates of the trawler, the coast guard disorganised a Dornier plane at 11am to find it. The Dornier captain was unconditionally asked to not fly too low because it would have alerted the crew. The plane noticed the boat at the precise location given by the NTRO.

Pak fishing boat blows up near Gujarat coast:

It undertook a second sortie at 2pm and located that the rapscallion boat was still sailing towards Bharat. The craft was launched for the third time at five.30pm. It found no modification within the boat's course. By now, the ICG was pretty clear that the Pakistani vessel was up to some serious mischief --- maybe a 26/11-type terror strike or a suicide attack on Associate in Nursing Indian combat ship.

It like a shot ordered 2 warships patrolling the world to intercept the boat and interrogate the crew. ICG's in-shore patrol vessel Rajratan created contact with the boat around 11pm.

The combat ship warned the unlit vessel to prevent for investigation however it fleetly modified course and tried to hurry away, taking advantage of the "darkness, inclemency and robust winds". This crystal rectifier to a hot pursuit that lasted for over Associate in Nursing hour before the four-man crew hid below the deck and exploded the boat.

It was 12.15am, January 1, 2015. A bloody begin to the yr had been averted. However, high security officers were at their desks to observe the whole operation until four.30am.

The incident brought back reminiscences of the phobia attacks in Mumbai six years agone. Then, ten gunmen had cosmopolitan from metropolis in an exceedingly boat, hijacked Associate in Nursing Indian fishing boat and steered it to Mumbai to travel on a three-day rampage throughout that they killed 166 individuals.

Video: Pak boat blows up when interception by Indian Coast Guard

Bharatiya Janata Party advocator GVL Narasimha Rao told NDTV, "The coast guard has frustrated tries of a suspected terror boat that was really noticed close to the Indo-Pak maritime border."

"Possibly this was one more plan to sneak terrorists into the Indian territory."

Pakistan boat drama came barely a month when navy chief Admiral Robin Dhowan aforementioned his force would observe no niceties if it stumbled on Pakistani vessels attributable to a potential threat -- against the scene of militants making an attempt to hijack a Pakistan frigate in Sept.

The incident was additionally a chilling reminder of the phobia threat on the high seas and therefore the deadly bombing of the destroyer fourteen years agone. In october 2000, suicide bombers exploded atiny low boat aboard the USN destroyer within the Yemeni port of port, killing seventeen yankee sailors and injuring another thirty-nine.


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